Cyber Security Check

How big is your attack surface? What is your window of vulnerability? Is your security architecture up-to-date and efficient? With the TWINSEC Cyber Security Check you gain an overview of how resilient your company is to cyber-attacks.

The challenge
Companies are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals as digitization is rising. The technologies and procedures on the side of the attackers are becoming more versatile and complex. The appropriate specialists on the part of the companies is scarce and the synergetic integration of individual security components into an efficient security architecture is demanding. Successful cyber attacks are often inevitable.

Our Approach
In a one- to two-day on-site workshop, our experts, who have many years of experience in both current attack techniques as well as field-tested defense mechanisms, examine your company through interviews and provided sample documentation  (i.e. configuration, diagrams), based on industry best practices (i.e. NIST Cyber Security Framework).

Your benefits
As a result, you will receive a written report outlining existing threats and vulnerabilities.

Further you receive specific recommendations for counter-measures to reduce the identified risks for your company.


  • Threat-Analysis
  • Report with Countermeasures
  • Security-Architecture Review with focus: 
    • Perimeter-Security
    • Endpoint-Security
    • Data-Security
    • Infrastructure-Security
    • Identity & Access Management
    • Attack Detection & Incident Response