Information Security Check

Is your company GDPR compliant?
Business partners and customers demand the management of information security from you. But do you really know how it is about the security of your IT and the stored data?

With the TWINSEC Information Security check we check your processes as well as technical and organizational measures regarding data protection and information security. In a short time and with manageable effort, we provide you with an overview of the current security status.

The aim of the Information Security Check is to identify potential weaknesses and threats in your company. Afterwards we will show you the possibilities of minimizing the impact and probability of Goccurrence of security incidents by appropriate measures. The TWINSEC Information Security Check is an efficient and proven method for assessing information security in your company.

Our Approach
In a one-day on-site workshop our experts examine your company.It is based on standards such as the ISO 27000 series and the IT Grundschutz of the BSI, as well as years of experience our employees in the field of information security.

Your benefits
As a result, you will receive a written report outlining existing weaknesses and risks and describing specific recommendations for action to reduce the identified risks for your company.


  • Development of an individual vulnerability analysis
  • Identify the protection needs of tangible and intangible assets
  • Assessment of risk management
  • Audit of existing IT security documentation
  • Audit of existing technical and organizational measure
  • Submission of a final report with associated catalog of measures
  • Presentation and explanation of the weak points found and suggestions for improvement