Penetration Test

How big is your attack surface? Is your patch management program up-to-date? Is your DMZ exploitable? Can someone easily exfiltrate your secret data? With the TWINSEC Penetration Test you gain an overview of how vulnerable your company is to cyber-attacks.

The challenge
In the march of digital transformation organizations are challenged with upcoming dynamic changes. Based on the change-frequency (i.e. mapping of business processes to more modern IT-driven ones) and improving requirements as i.e. regulatory and time-to-market, risk management and SecOPs is a challenging and often deferred task. Software and hardware is getting more and more complex and ubiquitous (IoT).  We all know: nothing is free from vulnerabilities.

Our Approach
In an initial setup call we evaluate the modus operandi, objectives, targets, contacts and escalation chain. After that our penetration testing team will test your environment based, i.e. on the Penetration Testing Execution standard. The typical phases are OSINT, reconnaissance, enumeration, exploitation, post-exploitation and lateral movment.

Your benefits
As a result, you will receive a written report outlining existing threats and vulnerabilities.

Further you receive specific recommendations for countermeasures to reduce the identified risks for your company.

  • Deliverables
  • A report with all results
  • Real-time insight into identified vulnerabilities and security violations
  • Visibility into and minimization of the actual attack surface
  • Recommendation of industry approved countermeasures